During the years, chosen projects were presented in several exhibitions worldwide, and also received prestigious awards of excellence.

"Outbox 2010"  - Graphic Design for a Tin Box  "Around the Box in 80 Years"
"NOTABLEWARE" -  The Manufacturers Association of Israel Award of Excellence 
 "Conceptual T Shirts" - Ashdod Moseum of Art, Monart Center

Salone Satellite 2000 - Milan, Italy
Felissimo Design House - New York, USA
"Lions in Jerusalem" Outdoor Sculptures - Jerusalem, Israel
"It's About Time"  - The Israel Museum, The Youth Wing, 
Jerusalem, Israel
 "HaYarkon St. A Home Facing the Mediterranean"  - "Here and Now" ,Ot Ha-Itzuv 2010, Tel-Aviv, Israel

"Ot Ha-Itzuv 2, Design With Meaning" - Playful Serving Set

Elle Decor Italy - FOODFABLAB